Robert Morrison
Partner, Musician, Editor, Audiovisual Director
As the son of a programmer who began writing computer software in the 1970's, Robert has a solid foundation in computers and programming with over 20 years of experience. Dealing more with programming than actual design he is experienced with most computer languages including Cobol, C++, Assembler, PHP, ASP, SQL, Perl, Adobe After-Effects and Cubase.

His other passion is music, playing a wide range of instruments (Guitars, Piano, Bass, Keyboards) which when combined with his love of computers makes him an effective and valuable player and producer at Renegade Music Production Studios.

Having played and recorded in bands in the UK, Rob is passionate about capturing and producing music and taking it to the next level. He loves thrash metal and bands like Cannibal Corpse and Slipknot, but plays everything from Elton John to classical music on his piano.

Having invested in Renegade to offer recording facilities for musicians, songwriters, producers, singers and voice-overs, Rob is the 'go to' guy for engineering and technical assistance, mixing, editing and production. Visit Aliens in the Basement on You Tube.

Jody Fiteni
Partner, Vocalist, Songwriter, Creative Director
Jody brings to the table a wealth of experience in creative conceptualisation, execution and publishing. Insight gained whilst working on various London accounts such as British Airways, Air UK and Society of London Theatre have allowed for successful creative direction on many blue chip accounts such as Bank of Valletta, HSBC Bank, Malta Enterprise, GO Mobile, Middlesea Insurance and many, many more.

Having worked with various agencies in the creative field for over 20 years, Jody enjoys spear-heading and contributing to most aspects of the brand campaign from audiovisual productions to promotional advertising, print, script writing, brand stewardship, songwriting, recording and creative direction.

Jody is no stranger to the local music scene, having performed in local bands 'The Joy Circuit' and 'The Ophidian Twin' at Tigne Barracks in the 1980's. Jody was also a writer and co-editor for 'Far Out' music magazine, as well as a presenter on national radio, and DJ at a local night club. Having recorded a large archive of original music with 'The Mustard Seeds' and 'Hunkpapa' in London over the years, Jody remains passionate about writing and recording music - most recently as 'The Lesser Gods' and currently as 'Aliens in the Basement'. Visit Jody Fiteni on You Tube.

Tony Camilleri

Tony is very passionate about all things Audiovisual and has over 15 years professional experience in the industry, working for major players, producers and clients alike. Proficient in AV software Premiere, Final Cut, and After Effects, Tony has a keen eye for detail whilst filming with video, DSLR and cinema cameras which he then edits to great effect. His portfolio includes many and various quality productions for corporate and parastatal companies, banks and insurance companies, as well as artistic productions for a myriad of projects.

With a background in the language travel industry as a leisure coordinator and manager, Tony is hard working, keen and dedicated to delivering within tight deadlines. A passionate gamer, cook, travel photographer, and movie / TV series buff, Tony is an avid music fan and welcome addition to the Renegade Team.